Paul, who stunned Germany by tipping Spain in the semi-final, will make his prediction for the third-place Germany match with Uruguay. - Reuters Photo

BERLIN: Paul the “psychic” octopus, who has become a global star after correctly forecasting all six of Germany’s World Cup games, will predict the final, but only if his hefty workload has not exhausted him.

The mollusc medium, who stunned Germany by tipping Spain in the semi-final — spot on as it turned out, will on Friday make his prediction for the third-place Germany match with Uruguay, a spokesman for his aquarium told AFP.

Paul’s handlers will follow the now familiar routine. Two boxes will be lowered into his tank, each containing a tasty morsel of food and the flags of the two opposing teams.

Whichever box Paul wrenches open is adjudged to be the winner.

Afterwards, Paul will be offered boxes with Spanish and Dutch flags, the two teams in Sunday’s showcase final, but only if he is deemed not too tired and still hungry, the spokesman said.

“We do not want to overburden him,” the spokesman said.

The eight-legged oracle forecast German wins over Australia, Argentina, England and Ghana. Proving he is not just attracted to the German flag, he also correctly predicted losses to Serbia and Spain, the latter live on national TV.

But as many World Cup stars have discovered in South Africa, the footballing gods can quickly snatch fame and favour away.

Bitterness at Germany’s 1-0 defeat to Spain turned to anger with some sections of the 350,000-strong crowd in Berlin insulting both Paul and his mother.


The Spanish government on Thursday expressed concern for the future wellbeing of Paul, the soothsaying .

The Spanish are worried the Germans may take some kind of ‘revenge’ for their exit on the mollusc medium with fans of Die Mannschaft bemoaning his preference for Spain ahead of their semi.

“I am concerned for the octopus … I am thinking of sending him a protective team,” joked Prime Minister Jose Luiz Rodriguez Zapatero on Radio Cadena Ser.

Environment and Fisheries Minister Elena Espinosa suggested there be a moratorium on going after Paul.

“On Monday, I shall be at the European Council of Ministers and I shall be asking for a (fishing) ban on Paul the octopus so the Germans do not eat him!”

Some Germany fans have posted messages on internet forums suggesting that Paul’s reward for his clairvoyant powers should be a meeting with the barbecue or the paella pot while a German journalist said after the game he was possessed of “a sudden desire to eat a bit of squid.”

That struck a chord with Spanish fans and even ahead of the match Spanish Industry Minister Miguel Sebastian called for the creature to be given an “immediate” free transfer to Spain to “ensure his protection.” — AFP